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For Individuals

For Individuals

Take control. Be proactive about your health.

Healthcare is expensive. It's hard to find affordable coverage for yourself. Even harder if you have a family. Deductibles are high, but they have to be met before your insurance will pay. We offer an alternative lab testing service with affordable, up front costs. No hidden fees. You will have direct access to testing, results, and any information. We offer testing for numerous fields: DNA, STDs, general health and wellness, allergies, and many more.

If there is a test you need, or have been curious about, contact us today and find out more information. We offer many tests that you will have direct access to, making monitoring your health easier and more efficient. There is no middle man and the results will be sent directly to you. Best of all, there are no hidden fees. All of our prices are up front and affordable. In today's world, that is a big plus. It is important now more than ever to be proactive with your healthcare and your family's as well. Establish a health baseline for yourself, or a family member, to monitor well-being. 

One of our more interesting tests is DNA testing for Ancestry.If you are curious about your family lineage, this is a great tool to find out where your ancestors originated. Anyone interested in genealogy, consider having your DNA tested for Ancestry with one of our lab tests.

We offer:

STD Testing, Health & Well-being testing, DNA Testing, Allergy Testing, Paternity Testing, Ancestry Testing, And More