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Proof of Immunization

Proof of Immunization

Need proof of immunizations? We can help.

To protect against various diseases, we are immunized when we are child, and as we grow. Immunizations can save your life. Advances in medical science has made it possible to protect yourself against more diseases than ever thought possible. Many diseases that used to kill or injure people have been eliminated completely, and others are closed to being eliminated. This is all due to safe and effective vaccinations. Smallpox and polio are prime example. 

Not only do they protect you from contracting these diseases, they protect others as well. Immunization triggers the immune system to fight against certain diseases by mimicking a natural infection. A vaccine contains a weakened form of the virus that doesn't cause disease or reproduce very well. this triggers the body's response to produce antibodies to fight off the infection, building up your body's immune system. if you come across a disease that you have been immunized for, you will not contract it. amazing right?

Almost all vaccines are administered when you are a child. What if you have lost the records of those vaccinations? You need proof of these to attend school, get a job, etc. With a simple blood test, you can be tested for vaccines. A blood test can provide proof of immunity. this helps you to avoid getting vaccines that are not necessary. Blood testing can provide proof of your immunity to:

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B





Yellow Fever