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Forensic Testing

Forensic Testing

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This type of testing may be one of the most appropriate types of testing methods for specimens that are either unusual, contain very little biological material, or have been in storage or contamination and may have been degraded.

Why Use Foresenic DNA Testing?

Forensic testing can be used for many reasons. Maybe your spouse has been acting suspiciously, or you found something that doesn't belong to you. Maybe there was a car accident and the suspect claims he wasn't driving. Or maybe the situation is more delicate, such as a rape resulting in pregnancy, and the testing can name a suspect. Whatever the case may be, forensic testing is a very handy tool to have.

These are some of the most common uses for forensic DNA testing:

Retesting evidence in a legal case

Infidelity. This includes semen detection, and/or comparison to reference samples

Suspected date rape

Identifying the remains of a human

Fraud investigations, ie-determining the driver of a vehicle that was involved in an accident when it is in dispute

Sexual assault, or statutory rape that results in pregnancy to help identify a suspect

Comparison of blood, urine, or other biological materials used in a DWI or medical test to a known reference sample for confirmation

We can provide these tests, and other forensic toxicology testing services, such as identification of unknown substances or unknown poisons and toxins.