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For Businesses

For Businesses

Our lab tests help you manage a drug-free workplace.

Testing of employees is a necessity to ensure the safety of its users, employees and the company itself. Whether you are in need of drug testing, alcohol testing, or just a proof of immunization, we can provide these services for you. We are an alternative to high priced lab testing facilities. Or prices are up front, and affordable with no hidden fees. 

Make your place of business safer, for both yourself and your employees, and save money too. Cut out the middle man when it comes to testing, have all your testing, both pre-employment and during,  done through our company. We offer a simple solution to manage your pre-emplyment drug testing, reasonable suspicion, random drug testing, post-incident, and back-to-work drug and alcohol testing. If your place of business works with heavy metals, we make it easier for you, your company, your candidates, and your employees with our heavy metals and other occupational exposre testing services. We also offer backgrounds screens and wellness programs for your employees.

We offer:

DOT and non-DOT, Rapid Drug Screens or Lab-Based Drug Screens, Confirmations on Non-Negative Screen Results, MRO Review Available, Alternative Specimens for Different Detection Periods, including Oral fluid drug tests, Hair follicle drug tests, Nails drug tests, Alcohol Testing, Breath Alcohol*, Saliva Alcohol, EtG, FAEE, Synthetic Designer Drug Testing, such as K2, Spice, Bath Salts.