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Curious about your Origins? Why wait, found out today.

Discover your ethic origins with our Ancestry testing. Your DNA can reveal your unique heritage. It contains your ethnic makeup, the history of your ancestors, what region you may have originated from. With our test, you will get a breakdown of which portions of your DNA come from different origins on the globe. It is handy for building a family tree, and making new connections that you never knew you had.

The test is simple. We simply scrape the inside of your cheek with a small swab. This takes approximately 45 seconds. It is then repeated with a second swab. It's as easy as that! No spit or blood is involved! 

How does it work?

The test is based on specific locations of a person's genome to determine ancestral ethnicity and genealogical relationships, all DNA-based. The results that are returned can give you information about which ethnic groups you may be descended from, and other individuals you may be related to. 

There are three major types of genealogical DNA test:

Autosomal: this test looks at chromosomes 1-22 and X. These chromosomes are inherited from both parents and all recent ancestors. The X-chromosome follows a special inheritance pattern.

Y-DNA: This test looks at the Y-chromosome. These are inherited from father to son, so it can only be used by males to explore their paternal lineage.

mtDNA: This test looks at the mitrochondria. These are inherited mother to child. These can be used to explore your direct maternal line.

Understanding Your Test Results  

It is not normal for these tests to give a base-by-base result. Results are normally compared to the CRS. The CRS is the mitochondria of a European who was the first person to have the mtDNA published.